MONO originates from a need. A simple need. The need to find oneself in graphic culture and its role in contemporary society. It’s important. No big words needed. Determining an effective visual language that is capable of building great narratives is necessary for telling stories about human development, both economic and intellectual. In any field, whether it's commercial or cultural. By any means and medium. Aesthetic work is content work. The task of the designer is to look for the value, find it, and know how to convey it. Eye training. Completing the blank spaces. Observing the world with real curiosity and using it for our work.
Design means thinking. Design means finding different communication solutions through meticulous visual, graphic, and typographic research. The aim of design is to work on value while engaging in a dialogue with the project's creators and authors, finding innovative and diverse solutions, not just aesthetic ones, but also creating a real and profound story. Mono's goal is to create a visual language and meaningful communication through the intersection of different fields. A visual language that is both useful and innovative for observing the real world in a constructive and creative manner. Preserving without being conservative. Let's come back to this. Back to the basics.